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Interest Free Financing or 60 Months at 9.99%

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Huge Selection in Tile Flooring Wilmington DE

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Flooring Sale $250 Off Your Flooring Project Over $5,000

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New Flooring for Your Home Remodel

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60-Day Guarantee With Abbey Flooring

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SALE! 15% Off Select Brands Of Carpet During Our Abbey Gold Tag Sale

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SALE! COREtec Flooring Sale Going On During The Abbey Gold Tag Sale

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SALE! Up to 50% Off Flooring Remnants During Our Blowout Sale

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Window Treatment Care In Wilmington

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Great Flooring Financing At Floor Concepts Wilmington

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Friends & Family Flooring Sale Wilmington DE

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Floor Concepts In Wilmington Carries Shaw Flooring

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Flooring Remnants Blowout Sale In Wilmington

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Best Flooring Choices For Families

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Abbey Gold Tag Sale Coming Soon-Oct 1st, 2021

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Wilmington Flooring Store Carries Polyester Carpet

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Vinyl Wood Plank Flooring Store

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Refinishing Wood Floors

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Vinyl Flooring Store In Wilmington

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Summer Warehouse Flooring Sale In Wilmington

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Softique Carpet By Alexander Smith

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Laminate Flooring In Wilmington

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Floor Concepts Remnants Outlet

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Ceramic Tile Store In Wilmington

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Best Hardwood Flooring Selections In Wilmington

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Abbey Flooring Dealer In Wilmington

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Wilmington Flooring Store With The Best Designs & Promotions

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Why Hardwood Floors

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Stone Flooring For Your Outdoor Space

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Larger Carpet Flooring Store In Wilmington

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Highest Quality Luxury Vinyl Flooring In Wilmington

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Highest Quality Brands With 1000’s Of Flooring Samples

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Carpet Flooring Warehouse Summer Sale In Wilmington

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Abbey Room Visualizer At Floor Concepts

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Affordable Floor Financing In Wilmington

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Buying Carpet Is A Life Choice-Anderson Tuftex At Floor Concepts

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Fabrica Carpet At Floor Concepts In Wilmington

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Karastan Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring In Our Wilmington Store

Karastan Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring is one of the most popular flooring brands on the market today...Continue reading →

Milliken Carpet Provides A 10 Year Warranty

It’s good to know when you purchase Milliken Carpet from Abbey that you will receive a 10 year warranty which is...Continue reading →

Mohawk Flooring In Our Wilmington Store

At Floor Concepts in Wilmington, you will find a large selection of Mohawk Carpet Flooring in all...Continue reading →

Stainmaster Carpet In Wilmington

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Flooring For Homes With Stairs - Find It In Our Wilmington Store

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Helpful Ideas to Keep Your Floors Looking New with Floor Concepts

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How to Decide On Your Next Flooring with the Help of Floor Concepts

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Kitchen Hardwood Floors for Your Beautiful Home in Wilmington

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Laminate Flooring for Your Wilmington Home

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Pet Flooring in Wilmington at Floor Concepts

Do you have Pets? Are they staining your carpets? Your carpet will not last a long time if....Continue reading →

Plush Carpet Flooring Dealers in Wilmington

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Selecting the Right Flooring Store in Wilmington

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Vinyl Plank Flooring At Floor Store In Wilmington

Largest selection in town we carry the best selection of Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring....Continue reading →

We Sell Luxury Vinyl Floors in Wilmington

Luxury Vinyl Tile & Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring features some of the most.....Continue reading →

Why Floor Concepts Wilmington

At Floor Concepts Inc., you will discover one of the largest and most beautiful.......Continue reading →

Plush Carpet Dealers In Wilmington

Polyester type carpeting is a favorite amongst those looking to add beautiful plush.......Continue reading →

Laminate Flooring A Great Choice For Your Home

Great flooring choice for families with kids is Laminate Flooring.......Continue reading →

Hardwood Floors For Your Home Wilmington

Hardwood Flooring is a great choice for any room in your home......Continue reading →

Kitchen flooring In Wilmington What Is The Best Choice?

Making a decision to buy new floors is never easy and each room....Continue reading →

Flooring Store Offering Wool Carpeting - Wilmington

Wool carpeting, in many ways, is considered to be the high-end standard within....Continue reading →

Carpet Flooring For Your Wilmington Home

Carpet for many homeowners is the perfect choice for....Continue reading →

Carpet Is The Best Choice For Your Wilmington Home

Carpet is always a great choice for when it is time to....Continue reading →

Why Floor Concepts In Wilmington

At Floor Concepts, you will discover a beautiful floor & window covering showroom with....Continue reading →

Plush Polyester Style Carpet

Polyester type carpeting is a favorite amongst those looking to....Continue reading →

Laminate Flooring For Your Home

Another great flooring choice for families with kids is Laminate Flooring....Continue reading →

Hardwood Floors For Your Home

If you’re looking to renovate your home with beautiful new flooring take a look at....Continue reading →

Floor Concepts In Wilmington

We are a family owned business proudly serving Wilmington, Newark, Greenville, Hockessin,....Continue reading →

Carpet Is A Great Flooring Choice For Kids

Carpet is always a great choice for flooring in a home with kids. Soft, warm, and comfortable....Continue reading →

Best Flooring Choices For Your Kitchen

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Best Flooring Options For Pets In Wilmington Home

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Laminate Flooring Styles In Wilmington

There are a lot of reasons to choose laminate flooring over other options. Not only is it....Continue reading →

Quality Brands At Floor Concepts Wilmington

We carry the highest quality brands with 1000s of flooring samples in all colors, types....Continue reading →

Dream Weaver Carpet Store Wilmington

Dream Weaver is a relative newcomer to the residential flooring market but has quickly......Continue reading →

Why Daltile Sets The Standard

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Carpet Is The Best Choice Flooring For Cold Weather Wilmington

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Choose The Best Flooring For Your Home In Wilmington

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Biggest Mistakes When Buying Carpet

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Why You Should Consider Wool Carpeting

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Shop Alexander Smith, Dixie, Shaw & Mohawk Carpet By Floor Concepts

Beautiful carpet provides a warm, comfortable look and feel that will....Continue reading →

Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring For Your Wilmington Home?

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Laminate Flooring Best Choice For Kids!

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Is Carpet Flooring The Best Option For Your Home?

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We Are Committed To Helping Customers Find The Perfect Floor Designs!

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Helpful Ideas To Keep Your Floors Looking New

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Hardwood Floor Specialists In Wilmington DE

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Feel Safe With Our 60-Day Abbey Flooring Guarantee At Floor Concepts in Wilmington

We'll put your mind at ease by offering one of the best warranties for your new flooring purchase....Continue reading →

Choose A Local Abbey Dealer In Wilmington

We know floors because that's all we do. We'll help you choose the perfect floor for your lifestyle and your budget....Continue reading →

Choosing Vinyl Wood & Vinyl Tile Flooring

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Financing For Your Flooring Project

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Flooring Store With A Lifetime Warranty in Wilmington

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Kitchen & Bath Flooring & Wall Tile Experts In Wilmington

Welcome to Floor Concepts. We are the premier Kitchen & Bathroom Flooring & Wall Tile experts serving Wilmington for over 38 years....Continue reading →

New Flooring After Water, Storm & Fire Damage

Welcome to Floor Concepts. We help homeowners that have experienced water, storm & fire damage rebuild their homes with beautiful new flooring....Continue reading →

Why Customers Enjoy Shopping At Floor Concepts

Our Staff - Our showrooms are staffed with flooring experts who go through continuous training to understand consumer needs, recommend the best....Continue reading →